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Fringe type


Our shortest style yet! The pixie cut.

Want a change? Always had hair NO shorter than a bob? From A-line bobs, lobs (long bob) to hip-length tresses, we have many styles in various lengths and hair types.

However we have never dared to go above the jawline. That is until we saw one of our long standing models, Suezochan, chopped  our very own Aria wig into a pixie style here.  We love experimenting and after all wigs should be fun to try out new looks. Be it a happy accident.

We have toiled with the idea of bringing out a style that shows the nape of your neck. But never had the guts to go ahead, until we got a little inspiration. And from our first launch of Squash, we have come up with more variations of the cut in more colours. Meet our new Pixie Collection.

Wear it combed into a sleek style or mess it up for cute chaos!

Sandy blonde colour is fresh and sunny.

Bright orange colour from roots to tips.

Golden bleach blonde colour from roots too ends.

An almost black cherry tone.

A brunette colour for a darker look.

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