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Colour Comparison: Warm blonds to dark blonde

I have photographed a selection of blonde wigs from our collection. Here side by side to show how different and dynamic each is. We don’t want to make any of you colour blind. But what better way to display these varying degrees of shades. Below are a selection of styles from short to long, wavy […]

Are you new to wigs?

Thinking of trying a wig for the first time. From fun, fashion or necessity. Here at Lush Wigs we have a vast collection of wigs, from natural everyday styles to wild and vivid colourful creations to crown your head. Wigs truly provide instant gratification.

Introducing the Suezo collection

We have a guest blogger this week, a very special guest, the one and only Suezochan! You may have already seen via our social that we have teamed up with Suezo to bring you a very special collection of 6 unique wigs designed by Suezo! We are so so proud to bring you this collection […]

Bluejay: Re-Styling With @hairwithmin

Hair stylist @hairwithmin has been busy transforming one of our favourite lush wigs Bluejay. With an eye for detail and a flair for fashion, she has effortlessly transformed some of our favourite styles…