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Despite appearances, this wig is actually very light and thin, making it easy to wear for a longer time. Probably my second most used wig.

Poison Apple

reviewed by

Ellie Foreman

I adore this wig! The colour is gorgeous and it's very comfortable. The fringe is my only problem as it's long and thin making it difficult to style without trimming it. Aside from that, I would highly recommend this wig, people think it's my natural hair all the time.


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This wig is stunning! So many people thought it was my real hair, it looks so good! Did shed a bit when I first put it on and was styling it and sorting it out, but nothing major. Would definitely recommend!


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Kristen Lee

This is my first wig and it looks AMAZING right out of the box! I'm so glad I finally took the plunge. Can't wait to wear it out in public! ????


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I love this wig as it has the brown roots, I have dark hair so these tend to look more natural on me. I restyled this wig completely as long hair doesn’t suit me. I cut this into a lob Bob and added a crimped style. I adore the shade of pink and it’s one of my favourites! A little on the thinner side but no wefts show and I haven’t had fall out. This wig is the one I am wearing in my profile picture.


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Light ginger colour doesn’t really tend to suit me as I have red undertones in my cheeks; I took a gamble on this one as I love ginger and I’m so glad I did! As this wig has peachy pinky undertones it matched my skin without washing me out. It is so so soft and a gorgeous style, people thought this was my real hair. Beautiful.