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reviewed by

Esme Martin Jones

I styled this wig for a college project and it was just like working with a real head of hair. Lots of hair but not too thick and a lovely length - @goblinkingesme on Instagram

Love Potion

reviewed by


It pains me to say but this is my new favoriet wig (sorry old fave πŸ˜…). She looks so natural and the color is amazing! It's not as a deep purple as the photo's show, but I think it looks better irl then the pictures. Hardly any styling needed. She does shed a bit and she is the longest wig I own, so I'm concerned for tangling in the future but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


reviewed by

Linda Hermans

Such a beautiful natural wig. It falls smoothely and natural looking. This wig feels the most "real" of all the wigs I have bought here. Usually I can see it's a wig when I wear one (others don't see it, they think I dye my hair often πŸ˜‚). But not with this wig, it looks so good. She hardly sheds and is very comfortable. I definitely recommend this wig!

Plum Jam

reviewed by

Kay Ryder

I love this wig! It's comfortable to wear all day over my own (very fine) hair and it's so natural looking that everyone thinks it's real until I tell them. Definitely subtle enough for daytime wear- it looks like you've been to a really great salon.


reviewed by


My first purchase of lush wigs, and I do adore this piece, it is slightly more ginger and lighter than the picture though, but still very beautiful, and my husband loves it, I think he thinks it’s his birthday and Christmas come early when I put this beaut on!!