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Are you new to wigs?

Thinking of trying a wig for the first time. From fun, fashion or necessity. Here at Lush Wigs we have a vast collection of wigs, from natural everyday styles to wild and vivid colourful creations to crown your head. Wigs truly provide instant gratification.

Below we have the answers to questions all about wigs. If there’s anything we missed out or you have something specific to ask, please contact us.

What are Lush wigs made of?

All of our wigs are made of 100% synthetic hair that resembles human hair. Our wigs can be heat styled up to 140°C (284°F). We strongly recommend you don’t go above this setting as it will be too hot for the wig, and don’t want to risk shortening the life of your new found head of glory. For further information please look here

How do they feel?

Synthetic hair’s purpose is to resemble real hair, however different styles will feel different in texture. For example we have Veronica a sleek natural style that’s soft and smooth to touch. On the other hand we have Merida, inspired by the Disney princess, with tight curls set hard to match the characters hair.

Synthetic hair can tangle, especially with hip length styles. Leave in-conditioner works wonders for detangling and adding softness, for further information please look here

What does synthetic hair look like?

Synthetic hair has come a long way, modern fibers have a natural appearance and hold its style, even after washing. Synthetic hair can be a little more shiny, but a little dry shampoo will mattify the shine.

How do I care for a Lush Wig?

With the right type of care, our wigs will last a long time. Wigs can be washed and heat styled and even coloured. For full instructions look at our FAQ for further information.

What does the inside look like?

Our wigs have a wefted wig cap design, (AKA) open cap wigs.
They are breathable and light-weight, and more durable and stretchy. They come with adjustable fastening straps that fit at the nape of the neck.

What does the top of the wig look like?

We do three different types of parting. You can find the parting type listed in the information on each product.

Lace – this is where the lace has hairs sewn into the tiny holes to give the most realistic hairline. The parting can be styled to where you want it, and hair can be worn off the face.

Skin Top – this is a silicone piece that has hairs punched into it to mimic a real parting.

Closure – this isn’t really a parting, the final weft has been folded into a circle and the hair comes out from a closure in the middle of the crown.

To see photos look here

How will I hide my own hair under the wig?

When it comes to hiding your hair, you want it to be as flat as possible, you don’t want any bumps giving the game away. There are many different methods, and everyone is different.

The most popular method seems to be braiding the hair. Or pin curls. For step by step instructions please look here

New to wigs checklist

>>> Check the colour – Is it the shade you wanted? If you’re unsure, refer to mannequin photos. Or our team will be happy to get you a photo in daylight.

>>> Prepare for synthetic hair – Look at synthetic hair videos and info online, be prepared to care for something with a different texture than human hair. You may need to invest in some wig shampoo and conditioners, leave in conditioners and dry shampoos.

>>> Tools – Too keep your mane in tip top condition there are different brushes and combs to choose from. For further information please look here.

So we’ve talked you through the basics, don’t be afraid! Our wigs are for EVERYONE and are a great way to try out a style you’ve always wanted, but been too afraid to chop or dye it yourself. Or just want to unleash a brand new you. Show us your brand new look on Instagram tagging us @lush_wigs