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How to secure a wig

Wearing a wig is not always as easy as it seems. Some people are able to quickly prep the hair and put the wig on, with just some minor adjustments and their ready to face the day.

But sometimes some extra help is needed to provide you with the security to wear a wig with confidence. To ensure you are getting the most from your wig, here are some tips to wear your wig right.

Measure your head

1. Take your cloth tape and measure from the front hairline to just above the ears, to the nape of the neck, and back around to the front hairline – this will measure your heads circumference.

Once you have your measurements you can turn the wig inside out, place the tape measure around the circumference of the wig cap to see where your measurement lands on the wig loops (at the nape of the neck). Try not to over stretch the straps.

How to make a wig more secure


A wig glue is applied to the hairline to ensure your wig stays in place, some come waterproof as well, which can provide extra security and confidence if you’re out and you get caught in the rain.
Glues come in all different strengths and a wig glue remover is advised to ensure you remove all traces of glue from your head and the wig.


Double sided wig tapes, also known as toupee tape, can be cut to the shape you require, and applied to the hairline area, behind the ears and nape of the neck, according to the wearer. Apply where you need that extra support. They come in waterproof varieties as well. The tape needs to be in contact with the skin in order for the wig to adhere to the head.

Wig Grip Headbands

These headbands come as silicone or velvety fabrics. Velvety fabric bands come with velcro fastening to secure the band to fit your head accordingly. These are kinder to heads that may experience pressure, as its purpose is to secure your wig and distribute its weight and pressure evenly, keeping your wig in place.
If you’re wearing a lace front wig with a parting. These also come with lace sections to line up with the lace, so no band shows through the lace front.

The silicone variety is just a band that stretches to fit the circumference of your head. Be warned as some can be quite tight as they come as a non-adjustable band.
There advantages are that they have a cooling effect.

Combs, pins and clips

Small wig combs and toupee clips can be sewn into the wig cap to add extra support around the inside circumference of the wig cap. Or a quick and inexpensive fix, bobby pins can be used to make a wig more secure around the wig cap if you have hair under the wig to grip onto.

Note: It’s advised to always take your wig off, when it’s convenient to let your head breathe and have a rest.

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using products.

If you have any questions or would like to tell us your own experiences, please feel free to contact us.