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Introducing the Suezo collection

We have a guest blogger this week, a very special guest, the one and only Suezochan! You may have already seen via our social that we have teamed up with Suezo to bring you a very special collection of 6 unique wigs designed by Suezo! We are so so proud to bring you this collection and cannot wait for the launch on Wednesday 6th September! You will be able to join the waitlist now to be first in the queue to bag one (or maybe all) of the Suezo Collection.

If you have not see the amazing video Suezo made then please have a watch and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more wonderful videos!

Over to Suezo to tell you a little more about the styles…



Hi there, it’s Suezo!

How’s it going? Heard the big news? In case you missed it…

The LUSH WIGS SUEZO COLLECTION launches this Wednesday!

A collection of SIX wigs made in collaboration with Lush Wigs – designed by me – consisting of a fun range of different colours & styles, each with their own original vibe and flair.

A lot of thought was put into this collection, so I’d like to take the time share some details about each wig here for you:


When thinking up different styles, the idea for this wig came to me *instantly* – I am a huge fan of pink & yellow together, and I knew I wanted to include something bold. LUCII is one of the shorter wigs of the collection and is a bright hot pink bob with a fun pop of yellow at the front. Perfect for those who want something bouncy, cute & striking!


As a Scorpio, the name WATER SIGN felt very fitting for this wig. The shades of blue fading into a lush turquoise at the ends also makes it feel like the perfect wig for my younger self. This one is longer, with subtle waves and layers to add shape & body, and a longer fringe that can be styled to suit you – however you want to wear it. For my former (and current!) scene kids out there, this wig is perfect for styling into something voluminous with those big iconic swoopy bangs.


This is a super cute wig inspired by one of my favourite childhood games: Neopets! I knew I wanted a green wig in this collection as I LOVE so many of the green wigs I currently own, but I also wanted it to be something unique and fresh. So, when thinking of ideas, the image of Illusen the Earth Faerie from Neopets popped into my mind and I suddenly remembered how much I adored her colour palette of green and orange. After playing around with a couple ideas, FAE was the result! I really think we made something unique with this one, and I’m so happy with the colour placements and overall style.


For me, wigs have always been a wonderful form of self-expression. SERENITY was created with this at the forefront. This wig features three colours – pink, blue & purple – the same colours used in the bisexual pride flag. Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, the bi flag is one I personally identify with & have come to fully embrace within myself over the years, making this style feel especially meaningful for me. So, whether you identify with the meaning behind these colour choices or not, this style, colour combination & the colour distribution throughout the wig is simply gorgeous regardless.


The name CHERISH comes from memories of being a kid and playing with different coloured pencils, trying to mix them together in just the right way to make the perfect shade of peach – one of my favourite colours since childhood. This style is so easy to wear and, for me, is the ideal wig for everyday wear. The best way for me to describe how I feel about this one is that it just feels like ‘me’, I’m in love with the way it looks right after putting it on!


This wig is so fluffy, yet so lightweight and comfortable. I’m so happy with how this soft crimped style turned out. The name SWEET PEA has some sentimentality behind it – my mum used to call me ‘sweet pea’ all the time when I was younger, and it’s also almost a sort of nickname for me with my community of friends. The colour blend of coral pink fading into a more warm-toned peach is everything I could’ve imagined, and the longer fringe allows the freedom to choose between straight across bangs or more of a side fringe. An absolute dream wig!



As someone who has been a fan of Lush Wigs for a long time and has had the honour of modelling various wigs for them over the years, this whole process has really been a dream come true. As I mentioned earlier, wigs have always been such a great form of self-expression for me, and I’m so thankful for being given this opportunity to share that with you.

I hope you love the wigs as much as we do ♥

– Suezo