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How to wash a synthetic wig.

Aftercare is essential for maintaining your Lush Wig. We want you to maintain its life and keep it looking healthy.

what you will need

Wide tooth comb
A bowl of warm water.
A wig shampoo, an alternative to these specialist types; would be a baby shampoo as they are mild.
Conditioner or leave in conditioner.
Cold water for final rinse
A towel
Wig stand (optional)

note: never use boiling water as the intense heat can take out its style (like curls or waves) and weaken the wig fibers.


Start by combing the wig to remove any knots.

Fill the bowl with warm water and add a 50p size of shampoo to water, give it a swoosh.
Place your wig in the water, leave for 5 mins to soak and let the shampoo do its thing.

Use gentle squeezes but ever rub the hair in a scrubbing fashion as this will just damage the wig.

Rinse the wig with cold water, ensuring all shampoo suds are gone.


A wig conditioner can be applied to the hair, to keep it soft and supple and help with detangling.
Apply a 50p size of conditioner and work through the hair.
Rinse with cold water to remove the product.

A leave-in conditioner can be sprayed into the hair and combed through. It can also work wonders for de-tangling your wig in-between washes.

Note: Never brush a wet wig as this will cause breakage.


For drying the wig, never wring out water as this will cause damage.
Squeeze out excess water and wrap in a towel. A microfibre towel is very good for this.

Put your wig onto a wig stand and leave to dry, or if you don’t have one; leave on the towel to dry flat.

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