Fringe type


Split colour styles

You want bright new hair, but there are so many colours out there it’s hard to choose which one. Good news is you don’t have to have just one colour. Make way for split colour. This style was infectious and only had a handful of these gems.

And to be sure everyone had the chance, to tell us what their perfect shade duets are. We took to instagram, where an abundance of you provided the perfect colour combinations that you would love to see together. From wild and vibrant too pastels and complementary colours, and soft and delicate tones. And we didn’t fail to deliver.

Encouraged by the reality of colouring your hair with two separate dyes and having to wash the colour out. So for those of us who just want the look without the commitment. A fun night out or just experimenting. We have something for everyone.


Barely There

Who says you can’t do split colour and see if anyone can tell you’er carrying two different tones.

Ornate has warm natural brown and auburn colours. A sleek style with volume . This was a new release that seemed to go under the radar, but recently received an excellent review it deserves.

If you prefer to be pale and interesting, then Odilon teamed with muted peach tones and a sandy blonde colour.

Perish is a delicate combination of dusky pink and grey.


Vivid combinations

Want to wear your favourite vivid colours together then look no further. Here are a few of our top picks.

Poise takes a deep rose pink and midnight blue.

Popsicle with its bright pink and orangey amber tone are hard to ignore.

Candy Split is an old favourite thats been with lush wigs for years. A candy pink and washed out turquoise colour thats stands on its own.


Black and…

Influenced by the one and only Cruella Deville, we have Estella; the classic black and white look has been rejuvenated here as a blonde and black hue. As the split look has become so popular we decided to give it a natural twist.

Make them green with envy, in this black and emerald duo.

The purple tones are hypnotic next to cool black.

Inspired by the busy bees of the spring and summer. This black and burnt orange is summery and bright.