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Fringe type


Reverse contrast colour hair  

A whole variety of brighter colours are being applied to the roots of colourful heads alike. Think Billie Eilish with lime green roots and black hair. The look was short lived, and dying just the roots of your own hair, can be time consuming for a distinctive look. You may want the effect for just a certain occasion. Or simply adding a vivd new look to your collection.

This colouring technique has been applied to our synthetic wigs. We have a few styles that rock this revisited colour technique.

Cherry Pie

image Lush Wigs

Take a natural twist with the reverse contrast colour technique with Cherry Pie. This is long, sleek, and eye-catching. This bleach blonde style has a pop of colour at the root with a warm red.


image Lush Wigs

Lucille creates a playful take on colour reverse contrast. It’s unusual and cute, with cool black shadowed roots. Fading into a washed out red and giving way to honey blond lengths.


image Lush Wigs

Hana has dusty rose pink roots, fringe and for different look, dip dye ends. With a soft caramel brown shade running through the middle.  We love how unusual and pretty this style is.


image Lush Wigs

Deep lilac shadowed roots, that run into a fresh blue hue. With this wavy classic bob.


image lush wigs

Tide takes a classic bob style, and applies a bright teal shade to the roots. Lifting the colour and blending effortlessly into this aqua shade.