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Up Close: Natural Blonde

Blonde hair colour from sun kissed tresses to dark blondes roots. Icy blondes with the fairest of all locks. This hair colour is a natural gift that keeps on giving.

The summer is approaching and to think back to when I had light brown hair (mousy apparently) trying to add natural highlights to my hair with lemon juice. Yes I have cut a lemon in half and applied it to sections of my hair so the sun would do it’s job and give me that sun-kissed look, like the highlights I had as a child, from playing outside all summer.

But enough of that, if you’re looking for a blonde wig when, Lush wigs have a selection of blonde hair.
Here are a few side by side in natural light to show of the various degrees of colour we have to offer.
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Left to right: Lorna, Eliza, Della, Mocha


Eliza and Della

If you’re looking for that face framing block of colour inspired by the 90s we couldn’t leave out: