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One product… multiple uses

Multiple uses might be a slight exaggeration, but did you know…
There are household items you can use for a wig.
If you’re a budding minimalist or find yourself in a predicament where your trustworthy essential (can’t live without, we do love a bit of drama) product runs out, and you were certain you had a reserve but it’s nowhere to be found!
Don’t panic, take a deep breath! Below are some save the day items all wig wears need to know.

Disaster: No dry shampoo!
Solution: Talc, with its powdery constancy talc will take away any shine on a synthetic wig.
How do I use it? Just put some into the palms of your hands, and rub together and apply to areas you want to tone down shine, use a brush to remove any excess.

Disaster: No conditioner!
Solution: Fabric softener, will double as conditioner for synthetic hair. I was skeptical when I first heard this, but at lush wigs headquarters we tried it out for ourselves and found the results worthy of a wig that’s been treated with conditioner.
How do I use it? Use the same procedure for conditioning a wig.

Disaster: No wig shampoo!
Solution: Baby shampoo or baby bath are mild enough to use on a synthetic wig.
How do I use it? Just use the same procedure for shampooing a wig.

Please visit our FAQs section of our website for more information on washing.

Did you know??

If you have a blonde or bright colored wig, and want to upcycle your style.
Adding some shadowed roots to your wig, with a dry shampoo for brown hair, or a colour retoucher spray will do this.
Just spray into the roots, this can get messy and you will need to wash your hands after, but the results are worth it.