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How to revive a synthetic wig

You’ve taken your favourite Lush Wig on a night out, a day out with friends or a photoshoot but it’s become a little bedraggled. The big question is… how do you bring a synthetic wig back to life? And can you? Well you’ll be happy to know that you sure can and it’s actually really easy. In no time it will be back to its former glory ready for when you need it.

Below is a list of absolutely DO’s and certainly DO NOT’s

Absolutely DO’s

First things first, try detangling your wig with your fingers, it may sound obvious but it’s the best way for ultimate damage free reviving.

This applies more to shorter styles, but longer can benefit too.

A wide tooth comb is good for all kinds of styles. Simply start at the bottom, working your way up to the roots. Being gentle and careful not to tug at the hair to avoid breakage.

Use a tangle teezer. The different sized teeth are effective and gentle at the same time.

Wash your wig In a bowl of lukewarm water and add wig shampoo. Immerse the wig in water, and soak for 5 minutes. Then gently squeezing, pay particular attention to the wig construction cap and the hairline. A soft toothbrush can be used to remove any build up of debris, wig glues or make up.
Rinse the wig in cold water removing all suds, gently squeezing till the water runs clear.

Leave-in conditioners for synthetic hair are very beneficial, as they provide that extra TLC to synthetic fibres. Reducing tangling and keeping fibres looking soft and smooth.

Dry your wig on a wig stand to allow air circulation

Use a hairdryer only on a cool setting and only using the lowest heat setting to dry and style. Same applies to hair irons, be it straighteners, tongs or wands, don’t go past 140 degrees please.

Certainly DO NOT

Try not to wash your wig too much – washing puts a strain on the wig fibres so less washes = a longer lasting wig. Look to wash every 7-10 days

Never wring out any water from your wig, like its a dish rag. NO NO NO!
Gentle squeezes will remove water.

Never wash a wig in boiling water, not even hot from the tap. You are looking for lukewarm water. Very hot water could melt glues in the cap.

Never brush or comb a wet wig as synthetic hair is weaker when wet, it can stretch and break.

Do not dry a wig on a mannequin head, as this may stretch the construction cap when wet. And never put on a radiator, as they will be too hot.

When using heat styling appliances, never go beyond 140 degrees. (I know it was said earlier but it’s really important)

For more step by step instructions check out our FAQ here

Now, there is the possibility your wig may be beyond repair. But fear not, Lush wigs has a huge selection of wigs with new styles regularly. So go on, treat yourself, it’s time to move on.

Photo credit (Charlotte Collier)