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Fringe type


Babooshka is back! And other crimped styles…

Babooshka is truly one of our success stories. It came to your screens back in the summer of 2022, only to become one of our best selling styles.
This all coincided with the release of Netflix Stranger Things, which featured a song by the very same artist we took inspiration from; Kate Bush. Whether this was written in the stars or just plain luck. The 1980’s has featured heavily on our T.V screens, and in turn brought back styles from that very era.

In the 80’s crimped styles were everywhere, from punks to your mum’s friends, every mane experimented with a crimper. Those metal triangle ridges, where the hair was placed to clamp and crimp the ridged wave into place.

Fast-forward into the 21st century and the crimped style has its roots firmly placed in our hearts. A good style never ages, it’s just been converted into a softer more amplified style.

Here are our line up of crimped creations below.





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