Fringe type


What hair is best for my face shape?

Have you ever wondered what hairstyle would best suit your face? The right length and style can completely transform a look, and we’ve got something for everyone in our collection!

We’ve looked at the six most common face shapes and compiled some tips on picking the right wig style for you!

Picture by: SparkPeople


DO: Shoulder length styles, bobs, deep side partings, loose waves and length.
DON’T: Super short fringes, heavily layered styles, short cuts (jaw length and above), middle parting
TRY: Chicory


DO: Long bobs with volume at the crown, most short to medium lengths look good with a square face. Curls or waves give great balance, up-dos with soft, wispy layers pulled out around the face. Long, loose curls.
DON’T: Blunt fringe, middle parting, long and straight styles don’t flatter your jawline.
TRY: Spring Break


DO: Lots! Anything with weight below the jaw looks great, long and sleek or long and curly both suit you. Middle parting is good, so is short and textured.
DON’T: Heavy fringes or anything that falls too much around the face, diamond shape should be shown off!
TRY: Rain


DO: Textured lob, anything that adds height and volume. Swept back styles without defined parting.
DON’T: Avoid rounded styles, especially rounded bobs that end around chin length. This will further accentuate your face’s roundness and look unflattering. Avoid large, round curls and opt for smaller, softer curls.
TRY: Grunge<


DO: Loose curls and waves, blown out styles with volume, collarbone length or shorter.
DON’T: Very long straight hair, very short pixie crops.
TRY: Praline


DO: Almost anything! Your hair suits you best off your face to accentuate the shape, but when it comes to hair down you look great with sleek styles, above the shoulder cuts and simple, subtle layers. Side fringes work best.
DON’T: Heavy blunt fringes, very blunt bobs or hair cuts with a lot of weight around the face as it can make your face appear heavier.
TRY: Love Potion