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Warm Weather Wig Tips

OK, if you’re in the UK like us, the warm weather probably seems so far away right now. BUT, it is mid-March, and we are fast approaching the season where being a wig wearer can get a little… sticky.
We’ve been thinking about how best to keep cool while still looking hot, right up until September!


The Up-Do
Not everyone is confident to wear their wig up high, but our model Rebecca is the queen of the up-do and proves it can be done!

Unicorn Kisses

If you do have concerns about the nape of the neck becoming exposed, or the baby hairs on your neck showing, you can always finish the look with a headscarf to make it a bit more secure.

Natural Blonde


The Down-do
An easier wear than a high style, the down-do is perfect for those who like their wigs looong in the Winter, and still want to wear the same styles all Summer. A low pony, messy low bun or braid can be just as cooling, keeping that hair off your neck.

Forest Ombre

We loved these low styles created by stylist Natalie Lee using Lush Wigs.


Probably one of the most satisfying feelings in the whole world – taking off your wig on a hot day and giving your scalp a quick spritz. We recommend making your own gentle spray at home.
You’ll need: An empty spray bottle, a couple of drops of witch hazel, and a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil.

Witch Hazel is great at drying out the oils that occur on your scalp, causing you to become itchy and uncomfortable in the heat, mixed with a (very) small amount of essential oil and some plain old water, this creates a cooling spritz that smells good and keeps you feeling fresh. A couple of sprays a day should do it!


Go Short
If you’ve been thinking of trying a shorter style, it’s the perfect time. We have plenty of styles that look super glam without being heavy, and without long hair falling around the neck and shoulders.

Stargaze – Short, cute curls and our lightest wig!

We have a huge range of short styles, and we are pretty certain we have the best bob selection in the synthetic wig world (we may be biased) so there’s plenty to choose from!

Sujiin – Easy to manage, cool to wear

The bob does not have to be boring! These wigs are also the least heavy of all our styles so you get less weight on your head and more room for a bit of air to get in through the wefts.


Choose your Cap
For those of us that get hot and bothered under our nylon wig cap, it may be beneficial to invest in a 100% Cotton or Bamboo Cotton cap to tame your tresses. These allow your scalp to breathe, and are less irritating to sensitive scalps.

100% Cotton

A great investment for those who wear wigs daily, you can pick these up from Amazon!

Go for the Chop!
We are huge advocates of chopping your Lush Wigs to make them your own (check out #lushwigsmods on Insta for some inspo!) and nobody does it quite like Abi – she is super brave with the scissors and takes inches off her long lace fronts to turn them into more manageable styles. Perfect for the Summer heat!


This is also a great way to revive any wigs that are looking a little down in the dumps, or dry at the ends from over-styling or just rubbing in your scarf all Winter. Taking a few inches off can rejuvenate and create you a whole new look.

These are just some of the many tips to help you wear your wigs all year round, we would love you to send us any we haven’t included.
Don’t forget that our non-lace wigs are all capless and very breathable, and we are even testing out some styles with a lace frontal and capless wefts at the back, which are nice and breezy. Check out Ginger, Wild Oats and Crimson.