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Up close: Natural redheads

Auburn hair colour is such a unique hue, from sun kissed gingers to strawberry blondes. This natural hair colour is the most rare and sort after.

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Red hair needs no introduction but to simply look on in awe. There are however a few myths and facts to absorb about this beautiful colour.


  • Redheads are witches. From the 1400s through the 1700s, red-haired women where deemed to be witches.
    During the Spanish Inquisition, red hair was the sign of a witch who had stolen hell’s fire, and ironically, burning them at the stake was the only way to solve the problem.
  • The Ancient Greeks believed they turned into vampires when they died.


  • Natural red hair is caused by a series of genetic mutations in a specific gene and these mutations are said to cause not only red hair but also pale skin and hypersensitivity.
  • The most common eye colour is brown, and blue eyes and redhair are the most unique.
  • But on the bright side, redheads look around two years younger than they actually are.
  • Bees have been proven to be more attracted to redheads. Watch out for those stings.
  • Redheads actually have less hair than most other people. On average they only have 90,000 strands of hair, but they are much thicker.
  • Redheads produces more vitamin D in a shorter amount of time than people with other hair colours.
    Which makes sense as they can’t stay out in the sun to long. (anyone who has a friend with red locks will know this)

Here we have a selection of different styles side by side in natural light.

From left to right Babooshka, Gold, Alba, Hinode, Marmalade

Top, Marmalade Bottom Hinode

Top Alba, Bottom Gold

Top Marmalade, bottom Babooshka

From left to right Amber, Embers

From left to right Amber, Poison Apple, Embers