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Sulphate free shampoos for wigs

What are sulphates and why are they in shampoo?

Sulphates help remove oil and grime from your hair and cause products to lather. So when you see those bubbles that’s with the help of sulphates. Dirt and oil cling to the sulphates with the help of the lather they produce. It’s just we have been conditioned into thinking that lather is associated with a product performing at its best, and that’s just not the case.

Are sulphates harmful?

They are not as harmful as they can be made out to be. However, if you suffer from a skin condition you may find your scalp is often red and dry when you wash it. So you might want to try a sulphate-free shampoo and see if that helps, and when it comes to synthetic hair, we want a mild shampoo to help prolong its life.

What shampoos can I use and are not expensive to buy?

Baby shampoos are one of the options for shampooing a wig as they don’t contain these unnecessary ingredients, and what would be fine to use on an adult head, would not be ideal for a baby’s new skin. Some specialist wig shampoos can be expensive, so baby shampoo is an economical option.

What’s my shampooing checklist for the best results?

Using a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser to remove knots
Water must be tepid, NOT BOILING.
Use a mild sulphate free shampoo
Rinse with cool water and gently squeeze
Place the wig on an open wig stand (to allow air to pass through) to dry naturally.