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I started buying wigs from various places abut 4 years ago. I began loosing my hair in large amounts with no diagnosis despite seeing many doctors and having blood drawn for many potential factors.
Turns out, I’m healthy but have chronic telegenic effluvium. I been loosing hair so bad I lost over half the hair I had on my head. I keep my hair now very short. I been have used extensions to hide it and caps and anything! Didn’t go anywhere but work for years.
It’s been taking me a minute to feel comfortable wearing wigs in public cause I am almost 40
But I beginning to be comfortable with being me and doing what I love to do to be happy. I love wearing wigs…..especially Lush wigs..they are so beautiful I crave to wear them! My favourite dress is paired with a wig that matches. I get so many compliments on my hair when I wear them, something I haven’t had since I lost my long “thick” hair years Ago
Now I am a collector and get excited to wear them…shorter styles for summer and long for any other time.
Please let me say: I am excepting of how my natural hair currently is and it’s ok! I don’t know how much longer this will last but it’s important to live in the now.
I love short hair.
I have no fear to loose it.
A woman or man, is not defined by the hair on our head’s leaves us exposed and true to self…but lush wigs make us into artwork and sparks creativity.
Thank you for making beautiful wigs that look beautiful and feel wonderful for those moments we want to express ourselves whether we have our natural hair or not.

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