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I started wearing wigs mostly because I have naturally thin, fine and flat hair due to a kidney infection I had as a child. I was on adult strength antibiotics for three months and my hair hasn’t been the same since. I have a problem where I also twist very fine strands and snap the ends.. So my hair is very damaged due to that and the amount of bleaching just for crazy colours. Ive shaved in a side shave and then shaved the rest to an even length and found when I wore wigs my hair was alot better due to washing it a lot less.

It was actually my boyfriend who suggested wigs alright may have been a joke at first but when it arrived he loved it as much as I did! There is such a stigma with wearing wigs as I found with a friend making fun behind my back. But how much money do people spend dying their hair, maintaining the colour and condition? It takes me a lot less time now to get ready because i dont need to concern time to my hair..

My first wig was pink lemonade and i loved how it made me look therefor emphasising my confidence. I loved how easy it was to change my look, hairstyle, colour. I ordered magenta ombre, I forgot the name but its autumn oak except in purple and recently I ordered Nanette! I love the quality, the service and fast delivery. I really want the apple bob thats coming soon and even though its 29.99 for non lacefront and near double for lace front.. Its really worth the expense as how much does it cost to maintain dyed hair and more when you get bored of the colour. Definitely growing my collection!

If you find yourself in the same scenario then don’t hesitate. You will not regret it!!

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