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New to wigs… what style is best?

We get lots of questions about how to choose a wig for the first time. Wigs are becoming popular, and moving into the territory of the accessory. And why not, like belts, bags and shoes, you can always wear them with something. The wig appears to be finding its place, want to change a look, change your hair.
Only now instead of a trip to the hairdressers for a dramatic hair colour change or going for the chop, a wig is a compromise, so you are not committing to dying your hair one of the colours of the rainbow, and when Monday morning comes you just want your natural colour or length back.

For those who need a wig for necessity, due to alopecia or medical treatments. We are surprised by the emails we receive from people who have no choice in the matter and want to have hair, but want something a little more fun, and reflects their personality.

So if you are new to wigs then let’s keep it simple with a few points.

1. A short shoulder length skimming bob is easy to wear and maintain. Because the length is short, there is less chance of tangles, like with waist or hip lengths.
Take a look at all of our bright and natural short length/Bob styles here

And a shout out to our black bob Demort

Sleek and blunt in vivid green with Siren

Sleek and curved bob in subtle grey style Sujin

For shaggy bobs with lots of texture, then its time for tea with the Tea Time Collection here

2. Choose a wig with a fringe, also known as bangs, at first you may feel self-conscious of a hairline. More experienced wig wearers can use glues to ensure the hairline does not lift up.

3. To make sure your wig stays on your head, a wig grip is the very thing; these are made of a velvet fabric and are fixed around the head, like a headband but you fix it together with the velcro straps at the nape of the neck. These are comfortable and really keep a wig on. They also come in a silicone material, there are videos on social media platforms showing wig wearers shaking their heads around. I’ve tried it and it does work, find them to buy here.

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