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It’s kind of funny how my journey started; I’ve always wanted to have blonde hair but since my hair dye accident – I tried to bleach my hair and it went horribly wrong – I was too scared to try it again, so I decided to get myself a wig, just to see if blonde would even suit me. I came across Lush Wigs and immediately bought Sonne, which I still wear sometimes.

But not gonna lie, I got bored of Sonne very fast as soon as I went through Lush Wigs again. “Maybe I could find something that I could even wear on a daily basis.”

I didn’t really like my appearance back then; I used to hate myself and a former friend of mine didn’t make my situation any better. I started to wear wigs on a daily basis because I needed to find a new “me” – and I did it. Now I’m confident, I spend more time with friends who supported me, I got rid of people who only used me, and even my natural hair seems to enjoy the break they deserved. People don’t mind me wearing a wig at all, in fact some have already asked me why I’m not a model (yet haha).

I might not wear a wig 24/7 anymore, simply because there’s no need for it anymore, but if I should have a bad hair day, I’ll put my Elderflower on and do my thing.

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