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Thanks to years of crazy colour dyeing, my natural hair is very dry and damaged so is currently under intense repair! I was so upset when I had to have a lot of it cut off, and dyed back to natural. I couldn’t believe I had let it get so bad!

I missed my long hair, as well as the fancy colours and finally thought that I would give wigs a try, if I could find the right place to get them from! After plenty of research I heard amazing things about Lush Wigs, so I took the plunge and ordered my first wig. I couldn’t believe my luck when I got my first order- the quality was amazing and it looked so natural! Since then, I spend almost every day checking out the site, wondering which to order next!

I use these wigs for photoshoots, as I model part-time and they always complete every look and make it appear so much more amazing on camera! I recently used Silver Ombre for a Gothic themed shoot and it made me feel a million times more confident. The wigs are always gorgeous and silky, and easy to style.

To care for my wigs, I brush the straight ones with a tangle teaser from the bottom upwards (to avoid snagging any of the hairs at the root) and use my fingers gently to keep the curl in the curly ones when they need detangling. I carry them to shoots in their original bag, and always wear a wig cap as it makes my frizzy hair a lot flatter!

Lush Wigs have given me so much more confidence. I was gutted when the extreme damage left my hair in such a mess but now I can help it repair without feeling like I’m missing out on beautiful hairstyles!

If you’re wondering whether to give Lush Wigs a go- don’t hesitate! The wigs are beautiful, for whatever reason you want them.

Laura :-)
Instagram: l4urafox

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