Fringe type



From the age of around 13 I started dying my hair as I was bored with the colour. At the age of 16 I then started to colour my hair bright & unusual colours such as blue, green, pink. Whilst loving the colours it took a lot of maintainance & my hair took a lot of damage. Now aged 19 I made the scary choice to let my hair go back to its normal colour & cut it really short in order for it to become healthy again. I hated having short hair & it made me really self-conscious. Then I found Lush Wigs.

Lush Wigs has made me confident & happy again to go out with hair that looks bright & colourful & healthy! Each wig is so unique, easy to style & I get so many compliments from people believing it to be my real hair. With lush wigs I get the choice of having unusual coloured hair without the damage.

As for looking after my wigs I keep them in the original packaging & always give them a brush before storing them away. They’ve so easy to look after & haven’t had any problems.

I’m excited to continue building up my collection of Lush Wigs.

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