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How to wear your hair under a wig

So you’re thinking about buying a wig, but you’re worried about how to wear your own hair underneath.
It’s a very valid question – how do I prevent my own hair from being obvious? Nobody wants their wig sitting inches off their head because of a bun or a pony that won’t allow it to sit flat. Let’s face it, it’d look like a helmet, and we are trying to serve glamour!

Here are a few top tricks we’ve learned for hair of all lengths:

Pin Curls


This one takes a little while, but is well worth it. The flatter the curls, the better the wig will sit, and this method is suitable for mid to long hair. Take the hair in small sections and wrap around the index and middle finger, then bend away from you and pin to the head using a criss cross of bobby pins. Repeat all over the head, and then cover with a wig cap for maximum flattening!
This is particularly good if you are off to an event or need that hair to stay tamed all day.


Pin Back


A less fussy version of the above for those with short or very thin hair, just twist the front sections into some pin curls, and then slick or flatten the bulk of the hair at the back and pin against the scalp. The ensures the front still has the staying power of the pin curl but less time consuming as your hair doesn’t need to be as flattened.


Slicked and loose!


This is my go-to, and perfect for those with short to mid length hair, or very thin hair like me.
Slick the front of the hair back with a comb and a little water. Make sure to slick back everything around the front, above and then behind the ears. Grab a wig cap and hold open to catch the lengths of the hair and then pull forward until it covers up to your hairline. Check the hairline at the back for any loose hairs and tuck them in.
This method is also great for people prone to headaches from stress or tightness on the hair.

These are our top methods, do you wear yours differently? We’d love to know! Drop us a line and tell us about it!