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How to look after your scalp

When it comes to wigs, the first things that comes to mind is the style and colour. But don’t forget that vital foundation, your scalp!

So we have a few questions and answers to help your scalp stay in your good books.

Do I need sunscreen?

If you cover your head with a wig, then you are protected from the suns rays.
However, if you find yourself in a situation where the sun is out and you are not wearing your wig or a hat, then yes, apply some sunscreen to the scalp.
Just remember to use a factor 25 to 30SPF. For fairer skins you may use a factor 50, but bear in mind that the higher the factor the more powerful they are, and this could aggravate a sensitive scalp.
Always check first with your doctor or nurse if under going treatment. For general enquiries the local pharmacist can be of help to answer any questions.

I have no hair, what do I use to wash my head?

The shampoo you use to cleanse your wig is fine to use for the scalp. A mild shampoo will wash away oils and dirt from the day. Just like with hair, you don’t have to do this everyday. But for good practice don’t leave washing for more than 3 days.

I have no hair so do I need conditioner to moisturise my scalp?

No. You can use your regular face moisturiser on your scalp to keep it from feeling tight, A body lotion can be used, but any fragranced lotions may provoke a sensitive scalp, so please use fragrance free lotions.

For those of you with skincare routines that involve other products, keep them just for your face. It is more economical and kinder to apply just one facial moisturiser as we do not want an abundance of products applied to the scalp.

What should I know to avoid?

Troublesome ingredients like alcohol and synthetic fragrances, will dry out the scalp. Look for alcohol free shampoos and fragrance free choices.

Did I miss anything out?
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