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How to cut a fringe

You’ve placed an order for a gorgeous wig, that you can’t wait to wear. But when it arrives the bangs on your crowning glory are little too long.
This can happen as being human, we all have different shaped heads. We cannot make one fringe fit all so always make them a little longer so you have the flexibility to get them – just right!
There is nothing wrong with wanting to peep from under a long parisian fringe, like Alexa Chung or Caroline de Maigret. But when you know, you’re just not gonna make it through the day without 20/20 vision, something needs to change.

So what’s to be done?

Go to the hairdressers.

It’s kind of obvious, but some people just don’t consider a hairdresser when it comes to wigs, or you maybe a little embarrassed. Hairdressers are no strangers to wigs, many are familiar to wigs when they trained. They’re used to dressing hair with various hair pieces as well.
A hairdresser will see you in the wig and have the necessary tools for the job. Trimming a fringe should not be too costly either.

Do it yourself with a little help from suezochan

If you really can’t get to a hairdresser, then a good pair of sharp hairdressing scissors or craft scissors (just don’t use kitchen ones) and patience (along with a steady hand or an extra pair of hands from a friend) should be all you need to trim those unwanted centimeters away.

Here is a tutorial from suezochan who uploaded this video on YouTube, trimming the fringe of one of our wigs.

Its sad but true, the caramel wig is no longer available, but here are some honourable mentions:


Autumn Oak


suezochan smashed it, in this video. The end result is excellent. Thank you suezochan

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