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How does a wig wearer keep cool in summer?

Wearing a wig during the summer does bring some challenges. But don’t fret, below are some guidelines to help you keep cool and enjoy the sun.

If you have no hair, you can leave wearing a wig cap altogether.
Alternatively if you would rather leave the wig for another day, then a headscarf will keep you cool and shade you from the sun.

If you wear a long style, try wearing your wig in a low ponytail to keep your neck free from hair. Always use a fabric band to secure the ponytail. Just remember to never use elastic bands as these can break wig synthetic fibres like natural hair.

A wig with a fringe can generate some heat to the forehead.
A couple of bobbie pins can keep the bangs out the way on a hot summers day.

If you have a very dark colour wig, changing the colour to a lighter shade. Like ginger or blonde hues will not absorb the heat like a brown or black wig.

If your hair is dark and you have no plans to change it, then all is not lost. A wide brimmed straw hat in a light colour, will help keep your head cool in the shade.
This goes for all colours and styles of wigs, if it’s very hot, then a hat will protect your wig.

Stay cool this summer!