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Heat Tool Styling Synthetic Hair

It’s easy to get sick of the same style, even with wigs. Sometimes, you’re just obsessed with the colour but wish you could have some big, bouncy curls or some pretty waves instead of the sleek look it came with.
The good news is, all Lush Wigs are heat resistant, meaning they can be styled with a heat tool safely up to 180°C (356°F). This is the lowest setting on most hair tools, and if the hair tool you have doesn’t have adjustable temperature we don’t recommend you use it to style synthetic hair.

The trick to styling synthetic hair is to let the style cool after you’ve curled or straightened it. Synthetic hair works differently to human hair, in that it needs to cool down and “set” into the shape it has been moulded to in order to hold the style.

Section the wig off into manageable pieces, so you can focus on the pieces you are styling one at a time. If you’re creating curls, once you have wrapped the hair around the tool and released it, pin it into a curl using a bobby pin or clip until the hair cools completely.

@dinsforge in a curled Flame


  • NEVER style your synthetic wig when it’s wet. Always make sure the hair is thoroughly dry before using any styling tools, the heat will warp the hair or cause it to burn
  • We recommend trying a small part of the underneath of the wig with the heat tool first, just in case your heat styler is hotter than you think. If something goes wrong, you can adjust the styler before you go any further
  • Adding a little heat protecting spray to your wig can give it some extra defence against damage
  • For a softer look, gently brush out curls once they have completely cooled

We love seeing your styled Lush Wigs so please show us what you’ve created using the hashtag #lushwigsmods!

@hippiewithahipproblem in her waved Water and Earth