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Halloween inspiration

As the Equinox passes, Halloween is on the horizon. It’s that time of year when the heat waves pass and the nights get longer.
It’s an exciting time to take on a whole new identity, to be unrecognisable on the night. Want an instant look without committing to dramatic hair colours, want never-ending long hair (see here), but that bob you had for the summer just won’t grow in time for October 31st 2022! Ahhh don’t panic wigs to the rescue.

Just scroll down to see frighteningly gothic and classic halloween styles in need of a resurrection after a long hot summer.
Make it your own with simple braids or a labyrinth of plaits and rope braids. Sweep up into space buns, or get those cute bunny or kitten ears. Not to forget the devil demon horns.


Daenerys Targaryen’s (queen of dragons) iconic hairstyle is a signature look for any halloween party. It evolves throughout the seasons; so if you want to get creative and add those extra braids you can with thrones

Hot Topic

This two tone extra long wig will complete any spooky season look. Add braids or space buns if you want to take this vivid creation to the next level with hot topic


A witch can have the longest of locks with Coven, this sleek dark burgundy style that falls past the hips.


Long sleek tresses with a twist of black shadowed roots that melt into a dark sage green. Midori has it. Add some rope braids or kitten ears, frankly anything goes.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon will get any vampire hungry. Long and sleek, with a full fringe to peak from underneath.

Love Potion

Living up to its name, love potion will have any admires under its spell. Sleek and long with chestnut shadowed roots and a mixture of amethyst and violet colours.

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