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Guest Blog – @hippiewithahipproblem

This week we have a guest blog from the gorgeous Emma – she’s written a little bit about her journey and why she loves Lush Wigs – thank you so much Emma!

You can find her on Instagram at @hippiewithahipproblem


My Story 
“When i first started delving into the colourful and honestly sometimes overwhelming world of wigs I didn’t know where to start. I had just started losing my hair to alopecia and I had no idea where to even buy a wig, let alone what a lace front was.


I was always the girl with the most fun hair. Bright, quirky and loud hair.
As I started getting recommendations for wigs I realised, they weren’t me.
They were brown and dated. Not the sort of hairstyles a twenty-something wannabe yummy mummy would choose.
Then I found the world of synthetic hair. I stumbled across a video on YouTube reviewing bright and fun wigs. But as I searched into this territory I realised the UK wasn’t as saturated with companies as America.

That’s when I found Lush Wigs. Searching through their website honestly was a breath of fresh air. Happy, young and beautiful models showing off the bright colours and young styles. I was in love as a lot of the sites had been using mannequin heads which isn’t quite as personal.

I decided to dip my toe tentatively into the wig world and chose two.
Spring Break- a voluptuous, curly, ginger number and Water and Earth- a straight green/blue that fades into a beautiful golden colour.
They arrived and the second I put on Spring Break it felt right. The big bouncy hair made me feel like ginger SJP and I cannot explain the confidence it gave me back.

Spring Break

The very first time I wore Spring Break outside the house a lovely lady in a book shop stopped me to tell me she loved my hair. She lamented that she can never get her hair to keep that much volume and I instantly blurted out it was a wig. I felt giddy that someone could not only not tell it wasn’t my hair, but actually felt jealous of it. I started to realise that this new chapter wasn’t as scary as I thought. In fact it was fun and almost easier some days. I never realised it was so simple to put a wig on. I even got to skip the wig cap step so it was so easy.

Water and Earth

The more variety I ordered the more I realised that I enjoyed how I felt as every persona. Some I wore for makeup looks, some I wore for work functions and some I wore just because I liked it. It gave me freedom to feel like myself again.

That feeling of flicking through hair magazines at the hairdressers but daily.
They were so incredibly easy to wear and use that I became a avid collector!


I have a probably unhealthy amount of wigs in my room now and I still go back occasionally to my first love spring break. And then they release a new style and I get to be someone new for a day.”

Berry Jam

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