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I started wearing wigs when I shaved my hair off to raise money for MACMILLAN and raised nearly £600! I had cancer myself seven years ago and I can understand how lonely it can be when put into such a situation.

I currently have two wigs. Caramel and autumn elm. I adore these wigs as it is very different to actually have long hair for once as I haven’t had long hair since well over ten years ago! I currently do a nursing course and modelling and I feel like I’m living s double life when wearing my wigs as when people see my photos they can’t believe it is the same person! I normally wear my wigs when I’m out and for when I will be doing photo shoots. I have two separate accounts on instagram so if anyone is interested in either or both see my personal account @thepetrolheadnurse, OR my modelling account @kiara_leonii

Thanks for reading!

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