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I have got into wearing wigs in the last year and love ‘lush’ ones which allow me to explore different sides of my personality :)

I had a few cosplaying friends who wore lush wigs , & always thought they were awesome, but didn’t explore them further until i tried to go strawberry blonde at the hairdressers & it went wrong due to overbleaching. A lot of my hair snapped & I ended up with shorterthinner hair…so I explored different options and soon decided ‘lush wigs’ were brilliant! It was so good to put them on and feel confident and back to my old self <3 many people are amazed when I say I am wearing a wig….most of them just presume I have dyed my hair!

I firstly bought 'the fall' which looked so natural…& is what I was going for at the hairdressers….& fell in love with it. I have black hair, and like the Gothic style, so it was nice to explore a lighter side of myself. I then bought 'the fox' and 'sangria' as have always adored red hair but never wanted to bleach mine. Its amazing how wearing the different colour wigs brings out a different mood in myself and let's me explore different sides of my personality.

I am now hooked on lush wigs. I love colour, clothes and lipstick and really enjoy choosing which wig I'd like to wear to compliment the makeup and clothes I want to wear on a particular day <3

I now can't wait for my next payday so I can try out having light pink hair by buying 'empress' :)

Thank you 'lush' wigs <3

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