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WHISPERS WITH: Charlotte-alice

I started wearing wigs about 3 years ago. The reason I started was because, I used to back comb and use hairspray on my hair everyday. I used to use nearly a can of hairspray a day! I think I kept the hairspray business going haha. I wanted to give my hair a rest and let it become healthy again, it stopped growing, it would just stay at one length. I’m surpised it didn’t fall out to be honest.

I remember the first wig I got from here was the magenta ombre wig (fringeless) and I have never looked back! Getting to wear different coloured wigs everyday is amazing, you feel like a completely different person and I have so much confidence which I had never had before. I have had a lot of wig that I’ve had to bin because I didn’t look after then properly, not using the right hairbrush and having the hair straighteners on too hair. But I’ve learn from my mistakes and I know how to care for them now.

I’m so glad I got into wigs and i’m so glad I found Lush Wigs ❤

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