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BRITs 2019 – Best Hair

We were excited for another evening of red carpet hair fawning when we settled down for the Brit awards last night, but were a little disappointed this year. Very little in the way of bright hair, lots of classic sleek bobs, and not a *V OBVIOUS WIG* in sight (except maybe Lily Allen, read on!)…

Queen of the classic bob, Dua Lipa nailed this slicked back but super shiny look. It really does look good with anything, but we can’t help but wonder if she gets a little bored with the limited styling due to the length. Still, super chic and classy, and bang on trend.


Never afraid to bring the GLAM – Paloma didn’t disappoint. She wore the only tiara we spotted all night, and of course, we love it. The hairstyle isn’t anything super special, but with those added jewels it really does look fabulous. I’m Googling vintage tiaras as soon as I’ve written this.

Emma Bunton debuted some candyfloss pink hair – reminiscent of our Empress lace front, proving bright hair isn’t just for the under 40s! She looks great, a subtle dark root gives it a more grown-up feel.

The first of two wigs Lily Allen wore last night was a sleek, black, middle parted style, which we weren’t sure about for her. We had to feature this as we love it when celebs unashamedly rock a wig and she really went for it with two completely different looks last night.
We do love dark hair on her, but much prefer a fringe. This actually looks a lot like Farrow, one of our current lace fronts but is a little shorter.

For her second look, Lily went brightest bleach blonde, and we love the shape of this wig on her. Great hairline, and pretty fun for an after-party, the colour is lovely with her make-up. We are big fans of bleach blonde wigs, it really saves your hair!

Lastly, we loved this very messy, chunky braid that Louise pulled off. Her hair colour is perfect for this textured look, and I’ve got a soft spot for this style because it’s how I wear my hair extensions when they’ve gone past their best (eek!). Compared to all the “done” and sleek styles we saw last night, we liked how Louise went against the trend with this easy glam.