Alopecia Awareness Month

September has been Alopecia Awareness Month and we are grateful to have been hearing some of our customers experiences with it, and with hair loss in general.

This can be such a hard subject for people, a lot of alopecia sufferers have reported feeling misunderstood, as some people mistake the symptoms for cancer. This can be particularly upsetting.

We asked some of our customers to tell us a bit about their alopecia experience, here’s what they said:

@gillmcnicoll “I lost all my hair in about 8 weeks 2 years ago. While I’m mostly at peace with it…sometimes putting on fabulous hair helps me deal and gives me my confidence back”

@nert.alert “It took a lot of hard work, but I started to realise that I was still me, wig on or off. And that the best thing about me wasn’t my hair, but me. If we can de-stigmatize female baldness and wearing wigs I think we can save other girls and women from feeling the shame and sense of loss that I struggled with for years.”

@fiend_grrl “The first time I had alopecia was when I was about 10 years old, which just consisted of a few bald patches…I’m 25 and just finished giving birth to my second son, all of a sudden I’m losing the hair on my head, my eyebrows, eyelashes, nose hairs, arm hairs and leg hairs.”

@hippywithahipproblem “Losing my hair has brought out the real me and I’ve realised my hair can now be my favourite accessory!”

Insta: @hippywithahipproblem

We received so many quotes and stories from sufferers – thank you all for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this, and please know we read every single one and it was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

For anyone out there who is suffering with or thinks they may be suffering with alopecia, we thoroughly recommend checking out the #alopecia hashtag on Instagram, this is a community of brave and supportive people mostly sharing their journey, and it can be really helpful to see others dealing with it to feel less alone.

We also recommend the following links:

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