Fringe type



My very first wigs were Tarot and Caramel which I both truly loved.
I ordered them last year in September when I got my first salary. I was so happy to finally have my own money and to be able to buy what I wanted and at that point that was a wig.

The story of how I exactly got into wigs is a little longer.
At first you should know that i’ve never been really happy with the way I looked part of because of the bullying I had to endure for way too long and also because I didn’t feel all that feminine.
In year 10 (3 years ago) I cut off all my hair which at that point was a little longer than shoulder long. Believe me, after cutting it my hair was super short and.. I was happy with it, I felt like I had taken one step further on my journey of finding myself. Over the years I started feeling more and more insecure about myself, yes even about my gender identity. I felt like I didn’t truly belong, like I didn’t fit in. And when I was at one of my lowest points I discovered lush wigs trough a former friend.
That’s when I started buying wigs and ever since then my self-confidence has gotten so much better. I’ve started feeling comfortable in my own sking. Wigs are so much fun, i’d almost call them a hobby at this point. I don’t know but… they make me feel better if that makes sense.

I don’t feel like I have to fit in anymore. I don’t feel like having to label myself anymore.
I just feel like myself.

Thank you.

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