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Wig Quiz

You may have seen for the past few weeks we have been running competitions called Wig Quiz #wigquiz. We have launched 12 so far.

The general idea

We select a wig to sell for £1 and its hidden on the site.
We post a question (loosely relating to the wig name) on our Instagram.

If you know the answer you need to search for the answer on our website (the product search bar).

If you have the right answer you’ll see the product listed for £1 and can add it to your cart.

So who wins?

Only one person can win the wig for £1 so it becomes a race to checkout!
Please note…
Adding it to your bag doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Either does filling details at checkout.
The first person to checkout and complete payment via PayPal secures the product.
This is exactly the same process when buying any of our products.
In some cases, the person will get to checkout first and go to paypal. If they do not finalise payment, after a period of time the order is cancelled and the product is back up for grabs.

When do we run these quizzes?

These are completely un-planned. That is half the fun. If we scheduled these to specific dates/times it would probably crash the site.
So keep you eyes peeled on our Instagram page :)