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New functionality added to our online shop

Going back a few months we conducted a survey to ask our customers what features they would like to see added to our website. Again, we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to give some great feedback!

New features now include…

Coupon codes

The new site now accepts coupon codes! So to start you lovely lot off use NEW10 for 10% OFF your order at checkout. Ends this week!

See prices and checkout in your own currency

When selecting your country you can now see our new pricing in your currency. You can also checkout in your chosen currency.

Current currencies available GBP, USD, EURO, CAD, AUS.

Credit card payments

We now offer payment via credit card without PayPal.

For customers still wishing to use PayPal, that is still an option that is available.

Product filtering

You can now filter your results by colour, length, style, fringe type and stock status.

Just use the filter button when using the shop.

Main menu navigation

You can now get to things much easier. You can shop directly by colour, style and also collection.
Along with this we have grouped all our wigs into 3 clear categories.

Natural looking styles perfect for everyday use.

Natural Twist
Natural looking styles with a twist. They may have a twist of subtle colour. Dip dyed or have different colour roots, etc.

Strong colours. Bold and bright.

From the main menu you can also get to all of our FAQ’s for help and also navigate your account menu.

Your account area

The old account area had some bugs that have been all fixed. The new account area lets you control your account more closely.


Customers that have chosen to have their profile public will now find an improved community page. You can search user profiles and it also shows reviews any customers have left for our wigs.

Shipping options

At checkout the UK shipping options will now indicate an estimated time you are likely to receive your item before ordering.

Refund policy

We originally offered 14 days as it seemed the industry standard for our competitors. We have now extended our returns policy to 30 days.

You may also like and trending

We have added a ‘you may also like’ section to every product page. Handpicked suggestions that may help you find your perfect style.
On the homepage we have added a ‘trending’ section. This data shows products that are selling fast for that month.

Coming soon

We do have more features being rolled out in the upcoming months.

I hope you find the new additions helpful.
If you have any problems at all using the site please report them by emailing or using or contact form.

A big thank you from Team Lush Wigs!