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Keeping a cool head, while wearing a wig.

As the summer months are approaching, temperatures should be rising. No one wants to complain about the heat after a cold winter. But for wigs wearers out there, those who love the ever evolving creations a wig produces at such a convenience, to those who wear as a necessity. The summer months can bring its obstacles for keeping cool in the heat.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we get asked, when it comes to staying cool while wearing a wig.

Q. Do I have to wear a wig cap under my wig?
A. If you have no hair, very little or short hair you can go without one. Some people do complain that they can irritate the scalp, and this can be exaggerated in the heat.

Q. What type of construction cap is best for warmer days?
A. All of our wigs (except for lace front styles) come with wefted/open construction caps. This is a basic cap construction with the advantage of being more lightweight and breathable. Perfect for when the temperatures start to rise.

Q. Does a darker colour attract the heat like dark clothing?
A. Just like dark coloured materials like cotton or polyester. Synthetic dark hair fibres will attract the heat. Opting for a more lighter shade, can be a helpful alternative if you are finding a wig very hot to wear, and it happens to be on the darker side. Blonde to light browns will keep you cooler over dark brown and black styles.

There is also the option of wearing head scarfs, turbans and beanie hats. Just make sure the material is breathable like: 100% cotton and Silk, look at the labels to see what materials are there because you can get a mix. Viscose is made from both natural and synthetic ingredients, but is soft and breathable.
Fabrics too avoid are: polyester and nylon are not breathable.
And remember the lighter the colour the fabric the cooler it will be.

And if you want to wear a hat but would find it too hot to have a wig and a hat on top. Another alternative which is more practical for the beach is a hat wig, these come in different style hats from sun hats to baseball caps, but with hair attached to the lower rim and the crown of the hat is just material, which is cooler and protects against the sun.

Wig construction cap in pictures

Side view of the construction cap:

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Back view of the construction cap:

Lush wigs

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