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Is your hair on purpose? Yes! How to re-style a wig

Wigs come in all styles, colours and lengths, instant gratification delivered. But your wig doesn’t have to live out its days, deemed for one just one look. Armed with some valuable tips and tricks, and a little imagination. Looking for some inspiration? Then look no further; head to our instagram feed here and get the styling bug. So many of our customers have transformed their lush wig into re-worked styles, and we are in awe!


Merida is defiantly one to exaggerate, we are loving the amplified huge soft curls. This is achieved by brushing the curl to make it quadruple in size and with a little patience, you’ll watch Merida grow into this eye-catching look.
please visit #lushwigsmerida here to see more.

Merida with its signature coil curls

instagram miss_sassyface
Merida’s cascading amount of curls are amplified into this new look.


Mademoiselle (burgundy) comes in vintage ringlet curls, that wouldn’t look out of place in any 1920s film adaptions (think The Great Gatsby and Bright Young Things) However you can bring her into the 21st century by gently teasing out the ringlets with a brush to create more volume and texture.
Please visit #lushwigsmademoiselle here to see more.
Check out the other colours of this style with Moll (blonde) #lushwigsmoll here and Noir (black) #lushwigsnoir here to see more looks.

Mademoiselle in its style of vintage ringlet curls.

instagram tigrah
Mademoiselle curls have been updated into a softer modern bob.


instagram punmentionable
Here with Moll the curls are pinned into sections to create this up do


instagram julia.isakova
With Noir the bangs have been pined into a wave along the hairline to create this classic vintage look.

If you want further information about styling please visit the FAQ here.
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