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We are a UK based wig fashion brand that have been shipping to Hong Kong and worldwide for the past decade.
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We have a wide range of realistic synthetic wigs at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a natural wavy bob style wig or something bright and bold, we have plenty of options!

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I always wanted to try hinode and when I received it by lush wigs, I knew this was going to be my all time favourite! The colour, The style and quality is just stunning!💕😍 I love how the roots are darker so it makes it look even more natural plus the synthetic fibers are not at all shiny which makes it look even more insane💕😍 Definitely a must have Auburn wig!


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This was my first wig from Lush Wigs! I'm so happy. The blonde looks even more beautiful in real life, pictures can't do it justice. I would say this wig is perfect for a Barbie-inspired look. PERFECT! (I had to trim the fringe a bit, but that's it. <3 )


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Words can't describe how much I adore this wig! The style/color is everything, the lenght and thickness are all perfect. I'm a beginner at wearing wigs, this is my second one: compared to my (super expensive) synthetic wig no1, this one is a touch less soft and sheds a bit more, but for the price and super fast delivery, I have 0 complaints. I cut the bangs and pulled out some of my own dark hair at the sides and it all blended in super nicely. I'll definitely be a regular at Lushwigs!


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Absolutely love this wig. Minimal shedding, sits nicely, looks so realistic!


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Excellent quality, sits nicely, no shedding. Love it!


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The shade of orange is just perfect and the wig is possible to style in different ways 🖤



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