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Guest Blogger – Pixie Celeste

This week we have a guest blog from the lovely Pixie! She has kindly shared her wig journey with us – we absolutely loved reading it!

You can find her on Instagram @pixellatxd

Pixie Celeste

My hair has always been a big part of my identity. I grew up with severe body dysmorphia and when the time came to cut off all my badly damaged hair that was barely holding on after constantly changing the colour to try and keep up with my brain, I started to look at wigs.

To begin with, everything I could find was plain and boring, and mostly designed for older folks. I started dying my hair when I was 11, so they definitely weren’t for me! I mostly stuck to black and brown curly and wavy styles, which were cute but pretty nondescript and really not my kinda thing.

Years passed, my hair eventually grew back, and the cycle started all over again; except this time I’d learned my lesson and took much better care of my hair. It was around this time that my health started to decline and anything to do with my appearance hit a lull.


Fast forward a couple more years, and here we are! Being chronically ill means that I always have little to no energy and I’m always in pain, to the point where even picking up a hairbrush is more effort than it’s worth. Out of curiosity I started looking at wigs again and stumbled across Lush Wigs. All of a sudden everything I knew about wigs was turned completely on it’s head; there were so many beautiful styles and colours to choose from! I decided to dive back in and wigs instantly became my go-to; my hair was always pre-styled and ready to go!  Win.


Recently, after months of having it cut shorter and shorter, I dived for the clippers and shaved my hair – and it was actually the most empowering decision I could’ve made. I have so much choice about my hair now, and I live for wigs! Being able to have so much choice with so little effort is such a game changer for me, and I’m learning to love myself again.

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