Fringe type


A different kind of braid. The bubble/puff braid

With the awards season underway, and we have been treated to so many inspiring looks from the red carpet. One look courtesy of Doja Cat’s performance at the Grammys, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas on the red carpet at the BAFTAs. Showed us the bubble braid, (also known as the puff braid). We are often asked, how do I style a wig? Well here are a few ideas for new looks on trend.

Doja Cat at The Grammys 2021

Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

To create this style, a lace front can be tied back off the face into a ponytail. For fringe and no bangs styles, try tying into a low ponytail. Or go for the half up, half down look. Below is a guide that’s really easy to do.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas at the BAFTAs 2021

Source: Popsugar

You will need:-

A mannequin head, friend, partner or pet (only kidding) will do for the wig to sit.
If you’re using a polystyrene head, affix the wig to the head with some dressmakers pins.

How to do it:-

Tie the hair into a ponytail, depending on what style you want. Tie it high or low.
Next tie another hairband a couple of inches down from the first, and pull out slightly to make the bubble/puff shape.
Keep going like this, along the lengths to the bottom leaving a few inches of hair at the end.

Instagram posts

Take a look on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/hairwithmin/?hl=en
Amina, a hairdresser and blogger has created some amazing bubble braid styles using the following wigs from our range.


Two sections have been taken on one side of the head, and bubble braided. The bubbles have been secured with bands, and a bobbie pin has secured it to go across the head. You can do this either side you like.

The look below was created with a style we have sadly discontinued. However we just had to show it, and we do many various green wigs, just look here:- https://www.lushwigs.com/colour/green-wigs/

Two sections of hair have been taken from the front of the head. Bubble braid along the length and then fixed together as one using a band. Leave hair loose from there. Or carry on with the bubbles for longer styles.


A half up half down do. Two sections of hair are taken from the front, plaited and tied together. Then the remaining hair is put as bubble braids to finish off the look. Here dressed with flowers for a bohemian vibe.


A half up half down style, the bubble braid has been given added interest with a plait down the centre.