Treasure Hunt

It has arrived. Go hunting!

You need to solve five questions. The questions all appear on random product pages.
If you know the answer, use our product search box (in our main menu, says 'find your perfect wig') to enter your answer.
This will take you to the product page with a code number and another question to answer.

Collect all five numbers in the correct order to unlock the code at the end.
Note the numbers down as you go through.


(1) Winners are liable for shipping charges at checkout. The wig is free!
(2) You can only enter once.
(3) You can pick any wig of your choice that is in stock (excludes lace-front wigs).
(4) Please keep in mind, its the first 20. The buy now button will dissapear when all 20 are gone.
(5) You have only won when you order has successfully been placed. This means although you have made it to the end and are currently checking out, someone may get there quicker and the item is then out of stock.
(6) Have fun, its only a game!