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Misty Hutton

Aloha! I am Misty, a part time model under the name of Misty May from South Wales and a recent graduate of Newport Film School.
My passions are documentary film, asian cultures, WWE, animals and of course WIGS! My essentials in life are a strong selfie, a good cup of tea, a nice bath and a nature walk.

I first got into wigs a good couple of years ago when I realised that dying my hair so much was damaging it. When I turned to wigs, I started with only a small collection of wigs I would use mainly for cosplay. I started to wear wigs more and more on an every day basis. Wigs have built up my confidence so much since then and now a few years down the line I have a growing collection of almost fifty, putting Gregory Griggs to shame!

I use the word sassy waaay too much, my jam is Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback girl, I am always happy and I love life! (Even more when there are wigs in it).

Misty Hutton

Wigs modelled by Misty Hutton