Ashley Love Lush Model

Ashley Love

My name is Ashley Love.. Or at least it has been for the past several years. I am a freelance, wig wearing, model that dabbles in a variety of genres, though recently I have found a passion in artsy, fetish concepts! Even in my free time I find that my passions bring me right back into doing something creative and expressive with my friends and boyfriend, though I do enjoy a good nap every once in awhile, but who doesn’t. Those closest to me also know me as the Kitty Princess.

Wigs became a huge part of my life once I started doing hair shows on a normal basis, I found that my hair was never exactly how I wanted it to be anymore so an addiction formed! They have allowed me to become a chameleon and with that ability my career has grown immensely.. Wearing wigs was definitely one of the best decisions I could’ve made. The official joke is that no one knows who they will be seeing and or working with when I show up because I can be so many different “people.”

Photo by Mortiferum Photography