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A little about me

Hi im Alison..i use social media as a way of chatting to others due to chronic pain conditions...arthritis,m.e and fibromyalgia .and feeling very on my own..a way of reaching out to be lost without my phone..surprising how many there are out there like me ..struggling and feeling alone due to disability ..i started wearing wigs due to hair thinning and theyve given me a confidence ive never had before..i just love them.highly recommend to give a wig a go ..i wish i did it ages ago .after alot of years of d.v im finding who me is ..ive lost 5stone being vegan for the animals..ive started wearing makeup and now im.finding a new me that just loves my wigs..i love the fact i can wear a pink wig one day thats long n gorgeous n the next day i can wear a short dark style or be blonde or a rainbow colour they really are fab ..and have given me such a confidence boost ..feel free to find me on my platforms n ask anythin at all ..i often do tiktok lives or youtube chatting about alsorts n surprising how curious people are about my wigs ..ive a collection of wigs thats slowly expanding n lush do have a fab range of wigs..i love also the vat relief as these are also something to help me just like all my other disability aids ,n not a fashion accessory ..suffering with hair loss makes you self conscious and its incredible how wearing a wig can make you instantly start with you are nervous im not goin to lie but the positive comments i got with one of mine was amazing ..people comin up to me in the hair..its such a boost..i did have afew that did make me uncomfortable ..but it didnt stop me goin out again..this is me ....and the positive comments kept coming ..n my collection is growing of alkinds of colours n please if youre sitting on the fence..take that first step n u wont look back .thanks for reading ..