Country: United Kingdom

mahariiels Molly Proudman bvozi

A little about me

I'm 23 & I have trichotillomania.

I took a giant plunge and shaved my head to match my giant bald patch.

I am happy with my choice but honestly I don't wanna be an egg all the time whilst I let my natural hair grow back, so wigs!

My fav lush wigs

Water and Earth Wine Red Curls Bob Short Retro Vintage Pin Up Cosplay Lush Wig Mademoiselle Dusty Rose Long Ombre Light Dark Brown Lace Front Natural Cosplay Lush Wig Chocolate Caramel Forest Ombre Dark Brown Red Mix Waves Natural Gothic Lolita Cosplay Lush Wig Chocolate Forest Long Curly Light Grey Gothic Lolilta Lace Front Lush Wig Elderflower Peach Tea Milk Tea Sandy Blonde Light Highlights Side Fringe Bob Jaw Length Volume Natural Chic Lush Wig Sugar Kane