Country: USA

Sunflowerz_babe Kiki Yasmilet Sunflowerz_babe

A little about me

What would I do without LushWigs?! I like the convenience of being able to change my style indefinitely!

My fav lush wigs

Black Brown Ombre Dip Dye Gradient Natural Lush Wig Autumn Ombre Multi Colour Purple Pink Red Mix Long Curly Wave Cosplay Lush Wig Berry Crimped Byzantium Cherry Lipgloss Flame Forest Ombre Long Straight Grey Ombre Lace Front Dark Brown Lush Wig Grey Ombre Magenta Ombre Dip Dye Fashion Natural Cosplay Drag Lush Wig Magenta Ombre Precious Metal Salem Pink Purple dark Roots Lace Front Cute Glam Lush Wig Saturn Black Silver Grey Ombre Dipdye Gothic Lolita Cosplay Wig Silver Ombre NEW STYLE 2015 - Black Grey Silver Ombre Dipdye Gothic Lolita Cosplay Lush Wig Silver Ombre Long Black Fringe Wig Gothic Lolita Cosplay Lush Wig Winter