Country: United Kingdom

Danika_Wolfbaine AbiWears

A little about me

I am a cosplayer, aspiring actress and part time Disney Princess on weekends 🙂 I love changing my hair way to much so wigs are perfect for me to change my hair whenever I feel like it!

My fav lush wigs

Black Blonde Light Brown Roots Ombre Dip Dye Gradient Premium Lacefront Gothic Cosplay Lush Wig Blonde Heaven Caramel Cherry Lipgloss Chestnut Film Star Indigo Precious Metal Flame Pumpkinhead NEW STYLE 2015 - Black Grey Silver Ombre Dipdye Gothic Lolita Cosplay Lush Wig Silver Ombre Tarot Black Silver Grey Ombre Dipdye Gothic Lolita Cosplay Wig Silver Ombre Brown Blonde Curls Braid Game Of Thrones Gothic Lolita Cosplay Lush Wig Thrones Auburn Red Straight Natural Gothic Cosplay Lush Wig Fox Bumble Cocoa Primrose Dark Red Bouncy Curls Volume Burgundy Lace Front Lush Wig Spiced Apple